How to Make Money at Home

Is there a job through which you could make money at home?

This was the question that has been fascinating us for quite some time now. After all, if you could find a work from home job within a corporation; this could mean a step to build your career or could just mean a supplemental income for you and your family.

 So, we had started our research for the companies that allowed full / part time work from home options for its employees. (Please note that, we were not looking for a direct sales position or Multi-Level Marketing gigs here).

What we were looking for was to find a job that one could work part time (or full-time) while supporting the family.

Here are the list of companies that provides ways on how to make money at home-

10+ Legitimate Companies Offering Part Time / Full Time Work From Home Jobs

1) Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It quite often hires people for its virtual customer service programs, that require little to no experience and provides benefits. Amazon also hires software development engineers, digital platforms leaders, senior solutions architect for its telecommute jobs. These jobs are not only US based but are also available across different countries around the world. Complete list of the work from home jobs could be found here.

2) UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is committed for providing medical care and health care benefits for different companies and to people who are enrolled for state Medicaid and Medicare plans. It offers jobs like customer service care, data analyst, inpatient coder and inpatient care management. Just like Amazon, these jobs are available to other countries around the world too. These jobs could be found here.

3) Xerox

Xerox is in office printers and copiers business. It is also one of the fortune 500 companies that offers work from home position. The list of the jobs could be found here.

4) Apple

The most valuable company in the world – Apple also offers work from home jobs in US and across the world. Maybe you could find matching positions here. Along with this comes the bragging rights too.

5) Williams- Sonoma

This is a home products company that offers call center customer service positions. While the pay rate for these positions are decent (~$12/hr); this company also offers health insurance along with 401k plan for the work from home jobs. The positions with this company can be searched here.


TTEC provides intelligent virtual assistants to other companies. Basically, they have job listings that for work at home project managers, media designers and customer service representatives. These jobs could be found here.

7) American Express

It is one of the biggest financial firms that provides credit cards, savings/checking accounts for personal as well as business customers. American Express frequently lists work from home jobs for virtual customer care professionals, project analyst and engineers. Detail list of these jobs could be found here.

8) Dell

Dell offers quite a bit of full time and part time positions for people with different skillsets. Jobs could be found as system engineers, systems consultant, analysts and account executives. The job details for Dell could be found here.

9) Broadpath HealthCare Solutions

This company provides technology services to healthcare providers, insurance companies and businesses. They offer different work from home positions. These positions can be found here.

10) Humana

Humana is one of the insurance providers in U.S. It mainly provides group health insurance plans for active duty and retire military members along with their families. They have various remote positions available across the United States. These could be found here.

11) FlexJobs

FlexJobs hand screens the work from home jobs in 50+ career categories. Only downside with FlexJobs is that they charge money ($14.99/monthly) if you decide to apply for one of their jobs. Nevertheless, it could be a handy resource if you are serious in finding a work from home jobs.

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