How to Make Money on Instagram

Are you able to make a part time or even a full-time income through Instagram?

Social media is one of the primary ways of communications in today’s society and Instagram boasts millions of users using its platforms daily. However, is it possible to make money from Instagram?

Here are 3 ways you could make money with Instagram

1) Become an Influencer

First, you need to have a follower between few hundreds (minimum 200) to few thousand followers (20000+ followers) to become an influencer. If you have an influencer status, you could promote the brands on your posts.

Top brands (sports, beauty products, gadgets, games, etc) tend to reach out to the influencers who have large followers on their particular niche. They would pay large money (few thousand dollars) to influencers for a sponsored post.

This sponsored post gets shared across the influencer’s followers who then based upon influencer’s credibility would purchase the products of that brand. But ensure that you sponsor the brand or product that you believe in. Alternatively, you could also reach out to brands that promote on influencer page by Braveen Kumar in this link.

2) Sell your own physical and visual products

Physical products (keyboard, toys, furniture, etc) along with visual products (drawing, videos, paintings) tend to sell well on Instagram.

You could create a hyperlink on your bio when you do an Instagram post so that your followers could easily reach to your shopify page (where they could buy the product) when they click this link.

You can refer into this shopify link for details on how to add the Instagram channel.

3) Sell affiliate products

Partner with affiliate companies to sell their products on your Instagram posts. Many brands like Nike, Amazon, Apple, etc sell products through affiliate programs.

Basically, affiliate program through Instagram is the one in which brands sell their products through the help of Instagram posts. Unlike making money through influencer program, here you receive commission for each sale that is made off from your affiliate link. 

These links could be posted to your Instagram bio. Once user clicks on this link in bio and make the purchase, you make commission out of this purchase.

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