How to Make Money on Reddit

Can you make money from Reddit? What exactly is Reddit? Did you ever come across these kind of questions. If yes, you are not alone.

Reddit is a social interaction website where people can discuss with each other on different topics and tend to share experiences with the reddit community.

But how exactly do you earn from Reddit? Short answer is – “You can’t earn directly from reddit platform”. Reddit doesn’t pay you for posting discussion on its forum. Nor does it allow to post any affiliate links on subreddit community.

However, you could earn decent money by finding opportunities through the following subreddits-

5 subreddits to follow to make money online

1) /r/forHire

In this subreddit community, you can advertise the skillsets that you got and get hired from another member of the community. If you are good at computers, then this subreddit is definitely for you as it has a lot of opportunities for technical skills. You can also use this community if you want to hire skilled personnel for a job.

2) /r/WorkOnline

Here, the community discusses about online money making job opportunities. People posts different types of online jobs here including but not limited to online tutoring, freelancing, affiliate marketing, etc. Apart from part time online opportunities, you could also find full time online opportunities in this subreddit. Definitely give this one a try.

3) /r/SlaveLabour

This community is dedicated in posting such work opportunities where the pay is low and is ideal for someone who is desperately looking for some opportunities quickly. You don’t need to have specialized skills to do the job posted in this community (hence the low pay). The tasks are simple and quick and you could make some extra income from this community.

4) /r/Beermoney

As the name sounds, this community has lots of post in which you could earn some beer money for completing the tasks advertise in the community. There are mostly surveys listed in this community, however, you could also find other ways to make extra money in this subreddit. Give it a try.

5) r/DigitalNomad

DigitalNomads is a subreddit where the members discuss how they quit their day jobs and moved to low-cost countries while supporting themselves financially through online work. You could find tips along with motivation on how to work on your own schedule while enjoying your life on the shores of Bali and feet burrowing inside the sand.

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