How to Make Money on Youtube

YouTube is the world’s dominant video sharing platform. There are 1.9 billion users logging in every month and 500 hours of videos get uploaded to YouTube every minute. That is a lot of videos.

Have you ever wondered why do people upload so much of videos on YouTube? Is it worth their time? Is it possible to make money from YouTube?

People can definitely make money from YouTube (for e.g. Ryan World’s makes $22 million from YouTube with 22.4 million subscribers). But, do you get paid to upload videos on YouTube? No, you don’t get paid just to upload videos. Then exactly- “How to Make Money On Youtube”?

Here are 5 ways you get paid and can make money of YouTube

1) Monetize your YouTube Channel by joining YouTube Partner Program

Even if you don’t have million subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel if you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of overall watch time on your channel over the past 12 months. Once you meet this minimum threshold, you can then apply for YouTube to review your channel for monetization.

Once approved, then you can select an option to display ads on your videos. When someone watches your videos and clicks on those ads, you get paid. Normally, the pay is on the range of $1 to $4 per 1000 views.

But if no one clicks on the ads, you don’t get paid from the first approach.

That’s where YouTube Premium comes into play. YouTube Premium plan lets supporters/fans of content creators watch those videos without ads. As a content creator, you don’t have to do anything special here but you will get paid when supporters watch your content through YouTube Premium account.

2) Sell merchandise/products through YouTube

A lot of YouTubers sell their merchandise through YouTube. They sell t-shirts, shoes, beauty products, hair products, exercise plans, coffee mugs, etc

When you create YouTube videos, it deepens your relationship with the fans as your online brand and personality increases your exposure to the targeted audience. As the saying goes –‘Picture is worth more than the word’; well in this case ‘Videos’ are worth more than the websites for selling products.

You can get coffee mugs / clothes printed with your logo (you can use freelance sites like Fiverr to get the logo made). Then, integrate your store to on-demand providers who handle shipping, fulfillment and customer support like Oberlo. This requires minimum effort on your part and you can make quite a decent amount of money with this approach.

3) Work as Influencer

Brands tend to spend millions in the advertisement to the established influencers who command a lot of followers / supporters. Depending upon your niche, audiences and demographics; you could easily charge a brand around $20 per 1000 subscribers to display their ads on your videos.

But always remember to endorse the brand that you believe in; so that your supporters keep their loyalty to your reputation. You can join influencer marketplace like  Grapevine Logic (at least 1000 subscribers) and Famebit (at least 5000 subscribers) to find the brands to sponsor your videos if you have at least 1000 subscribers.

4) Work as an affiliate

Just like in step 3; instead of working as an influencer for the brand you work as an affiliate for the brand. Here you get paid through commissions from every sale you generate from your channel. You can reach out to the brands on the affiliate space or find affiliates through MaxBounty or ClickBank.

5) License your content to the media

If you created a viral video, you can license this content for money. News, media companies, online sites, etc  will pay you money to show the viral video on their channel. Jukin Media has list of catalogue for newsworthy videos. You can check the link and list the video there so that it is easier for right buyer to find.

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