Here are our recommendations of the product/services that we use or have knowledge of:

1) Mint Mobile

We have been using mint mobile for almost 6 months now. They have cell phone plans starting at $15/month. You can save a huge amount of money over time using MVNos like Mint Mobile as opposed to the big carriers.

2) Gabi

Gabi helps you compare your home and car insurance. You send your current insurance plan to them and they provide you quotes on comparable policies. You can definitively save some money with this approach.

3) Rakuten

Rakuten offers you cashback on your normal online and (some) in-store purchases. Basically, you sign up through them and click on the store (e.g. amazon, Walmart, etc) through Rakuten website. This would take you to the store’s actual website and then you can make a purchase from there. Basically, Rakuten earns commission for your referral and they give you a portion of commission back. It’s a win-win situation.

4) Airbnb

Most likely, you would have already heard about this. In most cases, it is a budget friendly way to stay when you travel. Mostly, Airbnb rooms are spacious, furnished and comes with kitchen. Airbnb are room/home/apartment rentals offered by pre-verified individuals (Airbnb screens the landlord) which are offered for a daily, weekly or monthly term. You can directly book the space you need from their website.

5) Swagbucks

Though you can’t make much from Swagbucks , you can use them for taking surveys and earning some gift cards to make purchases on retailers like amazon, target, Walmart.

6) InboxDollars

The sign up for InboxDollars is free and you can sign up here. They give you $5 just to sign up. You get paid to take surveys, watch videos, earn gift cards or prizes by playing video games, or you might get coupons for the groceries with InboxDollars. However, you would need at-least $30 on your inbox dollar account to redeem cash. Plus the surveys don’t pay as much.

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