How to Make Money From Side Gigs

Side Gigs to Make Money

Are you looking for side gigs to make money? There are different ways you could make some extra cash with a side hustle.

If you ever wondered how to make money on your spare time; you could try these tricks; no matter where you are from. There is vast amount of opportunities available in side hustle space. You just need to know what and how to tap on.

Ready for those side gigs?

10 ways to make money from side gigs

1) Become a Freelancer at Fiverr

Are you good with graphic design or web design? Are you good at writing contents or marketing ads on social media? If you answered yes to the above questions, or if you have any other skills that you feel you could use; then you could market your skills on the sites like Fiverr to make some extra income.

2) Work as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant are in high demand these days. They virtually (stay at their own home) provide services like writing emails or comments, do designs for blogs, manage vlogs, market research, wrtier, etc for the business. You can search for some virtual assistant jobs in ProBlogger  or Zirtual and make decent money through it.

3) Sell on Ebay / Craigslist

You might have old furniture, clothes, toys or collectibles sitting at home just collecting dust. You can sale these items on ebay/craigslist for earning extra cash. Also, if you have keen eyes to find an item on garage sale , thrift shops or dollar stores that you think you could flip online; selling on ebay/craigslist could be a viable money-making option for you.

4) Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest retail giant. You can find almost any consumer goods on Amazon. Amazon also has an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program in which Amazon handles the delivery and customer service on your behalf. Just as in previous step, you could try browsing local stores to find items cheap and then flip those items on Amazon.

Conversely, you could even buy cheap items on Alibaba / AliExpress and then sell those items on Amazon and earn profit when customer buys your item.

5) Work as a tutor with VIPKID

VIPKID lets you teach English online to the students in China and earn $21/hr for teaching. If you are an experienced tutor and have Bachelor’s degree in any field (from U.S.) you could work as a tutor with VIPKID.

6) Become a Travel Agent

Do you like traveling or helping others to plan their travel? If yes, you could work as a travel agent or start your own travel agency business through travel agencies like travel planners.

7) Work through LionBridge

LionBridge offers part time opportunities in the field of customer service, transcriptionist, data analyst, etc. The pay rate is $10/hr +. You can definitely make some extra money working for these jobs which could be found here.

8) Drive for Uber / Lyft:

Make some extra income by driving for Uber / Lyft. You use your own car and work on your own schedule while you pick up and drop off passengers and get paid for your service.

9) Deliver food with DoorDash

DoorDash lets you to work at your own schedule to pick off/drop off foods from local restaurants to customers’ locations. You get paid for the delivery. It is one of the quick ways to make some extra income.

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